Entry to the new year

Few weeks ago......
Back to the youth. My new, long-desired roller skates have finally arrived and I love them!
It is March already. The weather is dull. It's quiet. I am sitting on my sofa, dying of boredom after dislocating my left elbow last Saturday. It happened when I was roller skating and yes, I didn't have elbow pads (although I did have knee and wrist pads).
Well, you know what they say....sh*t happens but I always look on the bright side of life :)

So, the news...I bought new sewing machine in January, Bernina B380 which was fantastic sewing machine but not for sewing stretch fabrics. After the first trial I did realized this machine does not have adjustable presser foot pressure.
After the seller tried to convince me that sewing machines without the regulator are actually automated, I did change it anyway for a B530, and I'm really happy about it.

and February was the best month ever on Etsy. Maybe because I finally opened an Instagram account (@goga.l).
People like, fave and participate much more than on the Facebook or Twitter. 
Thank you lovelies!


  1. Get well soon!
    Facebook has been gradually reducing the reach of posts to make pages pay for publicity (for 2 years now, I think), so most folks have moved to Instagram.
    Congrats on your Etsy milestone :)

  2. Thank you Ana! Instagram is perfect for me. I hope it will stay this way.


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