After all my fashion attempts over the years I found myself in a 30's-60's retro fashion. I think it is the most feminine fashion of the last century.
Now as a woman at the beginning of 40's I think I'm old enough for that kind of style. I am not attracted to the current trends. Of course I take some of them to suit my style but I would never wear mini skirt or glitter on my shoes or those awful pants with the butt to the knee...this is particularly disgusting.

I adore dresses and skirts..the length should be cca. four finger under the knee. If I find an interesting pattern, I use it several times, rework it in many ways.

 My trousers (pants,slacks) are high waisted with wide legs. I do have a pair of blue jeans..everybody have one, but they are for urgent situations when I have to run.


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